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Wednesday, November 01 2006

X3: Reunion 2.0 Announced  by Craig D at 09:23

Enlight have announced the imminent arrival of what they are calling X3: Reunion 2.0. It's an updated version of the impressive X3: Reunion with a few nice changes and additions.

Firstly it's good value at $19.99 (No word on UK pricing or availability right now) and secondly it will come on a single DVD rather than the 5 CD's it originally shipped on in the states. It will also be missing the much maligned Starforce disk protection system and include and a number of bit of extra content.

New Features
- DVD format
- No Starforce copy protection
- The Bala Gi EXPANSION - a campaign to unlock a unique new spacecraft and get hold of the biggest construction set in the X universe so far: The headquarters station
- The exclusive (and unique) M6 class battleship once owned by the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia himself - this ship is lean and mean and can host two M5 ships
- Bala Gi Research Inc. have developed a new M3+ class of ships - during the game you can distribute the blueprints for this new masterpiece in ship construction to the various shipyards
- Exotic space ships
- Revised battle tactics
- Exciting missions for all difficulty levels
- The award winning X3 engine has been further enhanced creating an absolutely stunning universe.
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Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
01 November 2006 12:30
I'll pick this up then, always meant to get X3 vanilla
Posts: 112
Post rank 1 out of 5
01 November 2006 14:38
I hope they make it less complicated. I couldn't get into the last one as was too much effort to learn what to do.

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