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Friday, October 27 2006

Blue Dragon Battle Sequence Trailer 2  by Craig D at 22:41

A second Blue Dragon battle sequence trailer has been released and you can grab it on the game page. I really have no idea what to make of this upcoming Xbox 360 RPG, bizarre.
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Posts: 1971
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27 October 2006 22:50
So looking forward to playing this. I just hope it lives up to what it going on in my head. They have Chrono trigger to live up to.
Posts: 6957
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27 October 2006 23:04
if weirdness is their game, they do it well!
Posts: 974
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28 October 2006 09:06
wow i wish i knew wtf was going on in those trailers

they look like pokemon type battles type thing sorta i think maybe

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