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Sunday, October 17 2004

DOOM 3 [CC] stopgap Release  by Scott H at 13:29

The aims of this little mod are to help out the deaf and hearing impaired when playing Doom3. I cant recall seeing a mod like this before, but we will hopefully see more of this kind of thing in the future.

Some words from the official site:-

Very important news today! We are pleased to announce that the first 'stopgap' modification from the Doom3[CC] team is available for download from the Modification page.

Despite the non-appearance of the SDK, our Coding Team leader, Reid Kimball, has put together this small mod which specifically adds an e-mail to the player's PDA for ALL of the video disks that can be collected throughout the game. It also updates all the PDAs that can be collected throughout the entire game to have additional e-mails that match their audio logs (if there are any). This allows you to read along when an audio log is playing. Check out the Read Me file here. All this in a neat, 412kb zip file!

As mentioned, they intend to do a lot more with this useful mod, and with the SDK now being released they can certainly get on with it.

Good to see this kind of thing happening, according to the official site feedback from the deaf and hearing impaired has been very good.

The official site is here

Anyway good luck look to them in the future.
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