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Wednesday, October 18 2006

DEF JAM: ICON Announced  by Craig D at 19:04

EA, the company everyone loves to hate it would seem, has today announced DEF JAM: ICON, a Hip-Hop inspired fighting game that due for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in March 2007. It's no surprise that this comes form the same studio that created Fight Night Round 3.

"Music is the cornerstone of hip-hop culture so we wanted to incorporate music and rhythm into the actual gameplay mechanics," said Kudo Tsunoda, executive producer and General Manager of EA Chicago. "In DEF JAM: ICON, we are changing the way fighting games are played! We are completely innovating the role of the environments in the games, moving from the typical lifeless arenas the hip-hop celebrities are fighting in to environments that play an instrumental part in the fight where they will react to the music and interact with both characters like a third fighter."

EA Chicago is delivering star-stunning action and bone breaking beats as players live out the life of a hip hop mogul, going from rags to riches. Incorporating hip-hop culture into every aspect of the game, DEF JAM: ICON will deliver the intensity of a no-holds-barred street fight but with style and rhythm. Music will effect how players fight in each venue and environmental interactions and hazards will become a key strategy to staying alive.

EA Chicago's unique fighting gameplay controls introduce a new way for gamers to fight as they assume the role of top celebrity characters such as Ludacris, T.I. and Big Boi. Innovative controls give better feedback to players so they feel like they're actually throwing the combat moves. Gamers can now fight with the style and flash of the superstar personalities.

"The Def Jam Interactive – EA relationship has expanded into a new frontier with EA Chicago's breakthrough technology. We have worked very closely with the team to ensure that authentic hip-hop culture and lifestyle permeates through every part of the product. DEF JAM: ICON will guarantee the ultimate combination of a real hip-hop experience and revolutionary fighting gameplay," said Lauren Wirtzer, VP Marketing, Def Jam Enterprises.

The first few DEF JAM: ICON screenshots are in the gallery.
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18 October 2006 21:28
Sounds interesting.

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