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Tuesday, October 10 2006

Arcane Legions: A Rising Shadow Screenshots  by Craig D at 01:04

Eight Arcane Legions : A Rising Shadow screenshots adorn the image gallery tonight, the first batch of images from Slitherines, RTS/RPG does not yet have a scheduled release date.

Arcane Legions is a role-playing strategy game set in a rich fantasy world, developed for PC and console platforms. The game is a unique blend of traditional RPG and RTS genres, where players can recruit, equip and train huge armies to fight in real time in epic 3D battles. The player chooses varied missions and quests from a story driven campaign, developing their fledgling army into an elite fighting force strong enough to defeat the evil threatening their world. The training, equipment and appearance of individual units can be customized by the player, allowing them to craft their own army.
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