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Monday, September 25 2006

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (PC) Review  by James B at 23:00

Here's a nice little surprise for you tonight. With his Xbox 360 on the blink, Russ has taken some time out of his busy reviewing schedule to let us know what he thinks about Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. Has a developer finally made a decent port of a PS2 game? Read the review to find out.

Unlike his brother, Vergil only has one style of fighting - Dark Slayer. Don't worry; this can still be levelled up using experience points. Otherwise, there's a new introduction cut-scene to the game (which is actually pretty damn cool) but that's about it. Game-play is fast, furious and above all fun. Whether it's words, fists, guns or magical attacks, there's always a wealth of ways to finish off your foes. It's not often the PC plays host to hack and slash games - particularly ones as stylish as this.
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