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Wednesday, September 20 2006

Carnage Announced  by James B at 20:32

Here's a little announcement we missed yesterday. Nice Tech have announced an MMO Vehicle Combat game Carnage, which will be out on both PC and Xbox 360, though no word of when. Full press release can be seen in the full story.


DRIVE, COMPETE, FIGHT, your time is now...

Label: Nice Tech Ltd
Developer: Nice Tech Ltd
Genre: Action: Vehicle Combat
Number of Players: Hugely Multiplayer Online
Platform: PC (Online) + XBOX 360 LIVE

Carnage is an adrenaline fuelled driving and combat frenzy, a new global sport. The world's best combat drivers showcase their battle skills in vast arenas to earn fame and fortune by going the extra mile.

Can you match their expertise? Can you control the power at your feet, the weapons at your fingertips and survive the onslaught to beat the rest?

To be the best requires skill, courage and an acute survival instinct. You have your chance, your ride and now it's up to you…

Key Features:
• Hugely multiplayer vehicle combat
• Large interactive game arenas
• Real-time dynamics and collision systems
• "Death match" orientated gameplay
• Individual or cooperative game modes
• Managed tournament system
• Customisable vehicles, armour, components & weapons
• Persistent player statistics & global ranking reward system
• Support for hundreds of thousands of players
• Simple, addictive "dip-in-dip-out" gameplay for all levels

About the Alice server Technology
AliceServer delivers high performance real-time dynamics and networking that can accommodate large numbers of players reliably on standard server infrastructure. The run-time programmable AliceServer client-engine allows all the high performance game logic to be coded in a proprietary scripting language. The Display engine supports HDR, perspective shadowing and rendering-to-texture and runs on a range of PCs, from those with Intel's on-board graphics to those with graphic cards that support the latest Vertex and Pixel shaders v3.

About Nice Tech Ltd

Nice Tech was formed in 2005 in Cambridge, England to design and develop Massively Multiplayer Online Games, providing the player with an experience that will ultimately rival reality. Nice Tech is incorporated in the UK with development and research facilities in Cambridge, England. Nice Tech develops technology to allow hundreds of thousands of players to interact in a persistent world and designs games that leverage that technology to provide an engaging and absorbing real-time online entertainment experience.
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