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Sunday, August 27 2006

Call of Juarez Character Screenshot  by Craig D at 09:58

Here's the first Call of Juarez charcter introduction screenshot, this one is Billy - The Young Rebel. Explanation text below;

The impulsive Billy, weary with parental quarrels, in particular with his step-father, sets out on a journey across the United States in the hope that Lady Luck will smile upon him one day and give him the chance to show his true worth. After two years roaming the land, he decides to return to the family ranch. However his big homecoming quickly turns into a real nightmare.

In the game, while he is comfortable with using firearms, Billy prefers to wield his whip to hit, knock out or disarm adversaries. He can also use it to climb surfaces or grab objects out of reach. His agility and dexterity with whip in hand will help the player escape from all manner of scrapes without using firearms. Call of Juarez also offers several pure infiltration game sequences.
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