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Thursday, August 24 2006

Screenshot Round-Up  by James B at 15:16

Still warm and fresh from the German Games Convention!

There's a piece of art and one of Nintendo's daft composite photo/screens for Mario Strikers Charged first up.

Next we have 17 screens of the latest game from one the most beloved point and click series; Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death. It's been a long time since I've played a decent point and click so I'll be interested how this turns out.

Military shenanigans abound with 5 new Company of Heroes screens.

And something for all you true RTS fans to drool over - 10 new Supreme Commander screenshots.
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24 August 2006 15:52
I really use to love the broken sword games, so will defo be keeping an eye out for this.
Posts: 1740
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24 August 2006 16:33
yeah me too. Also supreme commander looks as good as ever

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