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Wednesday, August 23 2006

Screenshot Round-Up  by James B at 15:27

As you may know the Leipzig Games Convention is in full swing at the moment, and there's a deluge of new screenshots out. Here's what may be the first in a series of screenshot round-ups.

Some new Alone in the Dark screenshots. The latest in the spooky series is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

4 shots of SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm, the expansion pack for the PC rpg/rts hybrid.

13 Secret Files: Tunguska screens, a promising looking point and click adventure for the PC.

A whopping 17 new F.E.A.R. 360 screenshots.
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23 August 2006 15:30
Lets hope the new alone in the dark game is better than the uwe boll film.
Posts: 1971
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23 August 2006 15:33
Aye, I've always enjoyed Silent Hill better. Does look a bit sexy though. Fingers crossed.
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23 August 2006 16:34
Those Screenshot look amazing, havent played alone in the dark since no3 so I'll be keepin my eye on this

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