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Saturday, August 19 2006

More Changes To Counterstrike: Source Planned  by James B at 16:52

In a Steam Message from yesterday Valve revealed that the radar changes for Counterstrike: Source would be released next week. However they also briefly say that beyond this release they will be "taking a look at the economy of Counter-Strike and how we're pricing weapons."
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Posts: 1971
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19 August 2006 18:04
It begins...
Posts: 753
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20 August 2006 11:26
A change for the worse i believe :/
Posts: 2696
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20 August 2006 16:05
Pls you dotn even know what they will change yet how can it be for the worse, not that valve ever make any good changes, quite frankly they could turn the weapons into pieces of fruit and i still wouldnt care about the game or the people that play it
Posts: 1971
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20 August 2006 17:08
and I wouldn't be surprised if they did

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