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Saturday, August 19 2006

Details Of Crysis Multiplayer  by James B at 15:59

Fansite inCrysis has a ton of details about multiplayer for stunning looking shooter Crysis. Whilst including standard deathmatch and flag capture, Crysis also includes an interesting mode called 'Power Struggle'

Crysis Power Struggle has taken many of the current irritations in existing popular FPS multiplayers and effectively disentangled them in a very notable gameplay mode titled " power Struggle" .

In Power Struggle you'll start the game as a primitive grunt – either US or Korean. You'll be given just the very basics including basic armor and a pistol. As you make kills and achieve other goals (like securing capture points), you'll earn credits which can be used to obtain bigger and better things. Your headquarters will be armed with automated missiles and turrets – effectively eliminating base campers altogether. Your headquarters may be an offshore submarine or inland base.

Well worth a read. Many people felt they were let down by FarCry's multiplayer (though I loved it), and Crysis looks set to be much improved.
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