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Tuesday, August 01 2006

Dead Rising Demo Soon?  by Craig D at 11:07

Dead Rising Both GameSpot and 1up and commenting on a new Dead Rising TV trailer which suggests the demo of Capcom's Zombie game will be available soon. I can almost picture some of you getting excited like a child at Christmas.

FiringSquad also have a brief interview with producer Yutaka Haruki on-line for our reading pleasure.
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Posts: 2826
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01 August 2006 11:13
I so hope the demo comes out early morning so I can get it before Stan and spoil it for him
Posts: 6957
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01 August 2006 11:19
mean, just mean
Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
01 August 2006 13:06
God we won't hear the end of this is in IRC
Posts: 2696
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01 August 2006 15:56
Aye you are right mal, how dare i actually want to play a game and buy a console so i can. And fu grant !

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