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Monday, July 31 2006

Collapse: Devastated World Screenshots  by Craig D at 17:41

Here's a bunch of Collapse: Devastated World screenshots, coming late this year from Creoteam and Buka, Collapse is a futuristic action adventure. More details below.

Dynamic action of Collapse immerses the player in an alternate future. 2096 A.D. The world we now is destroyed. Creatures from other dimension emerged over the old Europe, massacring and killing every life form they found on their way… That was one century ago.

The remains of humankind live under the constant menace of alien attacks, while the law of the strongest has taken place over the society. The Lords, an elite group appeared from the total chaos and anarchy and now they are the only barrier between the total annihilation.

Collapse is a remarkable 3D adventure game full of action. It has the gripping adventure elements and impresses with the acrobatic movements and realism of character. The game is currently planned for release for Q4 2007.
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Posts: 753
Post rank 3 out of 5
31 July 2006 17:53
Looks like the same kind of maps as half-life 2, except it's a completely different game of course.
Posts: 728
Post rank 3 out of 5
31 July 2006 18:27
Looks nice imo
Posts: 2826
Post rank 5 out of 5
31 July 2006 20:18
I looked at it and thought I was looking at HL2 to start with.
Posts: 112
Post rank 1 out of 5
31 July 2006 23:36
Is it running the Source engine?
Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
01 August 2006 06:39
not sure, it's certainly a dead-ringer for HL2 though isn't it

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