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Thursday, July 20 2006

Cloning Clyde hits Xbox Arcade  by James W at 09:10

As part of Microsofts 'Summer of Arcade' the adventure platformer Cloning Clyde is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. For more information you can visit the offial page on xbox.com or see some videos of the game in action at IGN.

There is also an interview with John Nielson, creator of Cloning Clyde at 1UP.

1UP: How closely does Microsoft work with independent developers during game creation?
John: With Cloning Clyde, they worked VERY closely with us. Microsoft's arcade team was GREAT to work with both on Clyde and OKX. Of course their involvement varies depending on their investment level and how much support the developer needs etc. but they were very good at supporting and guiding us through the entire process of making both games.

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