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Tuesday, July 18 2006

Dead Rising (Xbox 360) Banned in Germany  by Russ L at 13:07

Dead Rising Dead Rising has been banned in Germany by the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (Germany's videogames ratings board). Shame, I would have settled for green blood. Read the full story here!.

Can't say I'm surprised, they seem pretty strict about this kind of thing.
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18 July 2006 13:16
I read elsewhere that it wasn't a ban as such, they'd simply refused to give it a rating. That means it effectively an 18+ or something and anyone who wants it will have to import it.
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18 July 2006 14:11
From what I've read, Australia is the worst for this kind of thing. I think generally Germany is OK, except for any mention of "The War" or Nazis, eg. Wolfenstein.
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18 July 2006 16:49
Shame, but unsurprising.
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18 July 2006 18:14
I have just bought myself a 360 for this game. ZOMBIES AND BOOBIES !!!!

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