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Monday, July 03 2006

DarkStar One Preview  by Craig D at 19:52

We have our preview of Ascaron's upcoming space action adventure DarkStar One on-line tonight, slightly delayed by my holidays as were a few things, but never mind it's here now. Of course the demo is now available if you can stomach a 950mb download. Seems like it is most definitely worth it.

But how does it play? Surprisingly the game plays in a similar vein to the classic Baldur's Gate series. Now, before you elf and goblin haters stop reading; let me be clear - this is not an RPG. But the basic structure of both games is very much comparable. Like Baldur's Gate, Darkstar One gives you an epic story to follow, one that will lead you across the galaxy.
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04 July 2006 04:52
Thanks for the preview. This is one I've got my eye on. ;-)
Posts: 1740
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04 July 2006 12:54
good game so far

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