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Friday, June 30 2006

Gears of War Interview  by James W at 15:24

GameSpy have interviewed Epic's Cliffy B about one of the most popular titles at this years E3, Gears of War.

GameSpy: Gears of War seems to have a very heavy, deliberate feel to its character movement.. How are you using the level design to manipulate the game's pace?

CliffyB: Whenever our designers sculpt a combat encounter they're always keeping in mind the angles at which the fight takes place. There's usually a "front" where you engage the foe; at the start of the fight you have a pretty good idea where your foes are so you can feel safe taking cover. We make sure to make the flanks as "crisp" as possible; 90 degrees whenever we can, so that it's very obvious when you're safe and when you're not. This also clears things up for making certain the player knows when he's flanked his foe.
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