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Thursday, June 29 2006

Chromehounds Demo On Marketplace  by James W at 17:04

A demo of Chromehounds is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace for everyone, except US and Canadian players. So if you fancy some mech-action then fire up your Xbox 360 now and start the 555MB download. I'll post my thoughts in the comments when mine finishes!

Here is the Official Website and some screenshots

** Update **
Xboxyde have a 'First 10 minutes' video of the full game.
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29 June 2006 19:06
You get two missions to play in the demo, music and voice acting are poor and menu screens are relatively basic looking. Graphics are okay in parts but rather uninspiring especially with the crappy music in the background. Can't see myself preordering this one!
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29 June 2006 20:52
it's looked nice from the screenshots

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