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Saturday, June 17 2006

Battlefield 2 Community Update  by Craig D at 10:35

Battlefield 2 Logo There's a new Battlefield 2 community update on-line. There's brief mention of the armoured fury booster pack release, then news of a new map named 'Road to Jalalabad' as well as some of the fixes to be included in the next BF2 patch.

The most interesting of the changes might well be;

Tuning: We have made some modifications to the vehicle drop feature introduced in 1.3. These changes should reduce the overall impact of "cartillery" on game play.
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17 June 2006 11:13
FFS, they need to stop adding new stuff and fix the main problems!

saying that lets hope 'Road to Jalalabad' is a city map, and if thats true then maybe the BF_infonlymode will be true to
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18 June 2006 13:04
Road to jalalalallalalalalalallalalalalalalala...a bad

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