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Tuesday, June 13 2006

Duke Nukem will be done when it's done  by James B at 21:10

Gamespot have a little article featuring some quotes from 3D Reamlms president George Broussard. Last week the internet was afire with rumours that Duke Nukem Forever would be out by the end of 2006 following an alleged $500,000 bonus. However Broussard has rubbished this rumour.

"Our deal is simple," he said. "We're making the game. It'll be done when it's done. We've funded 99.999% of the game (aside from a very, very small advance from GT Interactive, years ago, before Take 2 bought the game from them). It's our risk, our necks and our gamble. Under the deal we should be earning royalties from about unit 30,000 or so (that's a real small number)."

So it will be done when it's done. Man that's news to all us PC gamers who've been waiting for a game that's taking over 9 years to make.
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Posts: 1740
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13 June 2006 21:11
I don't even care about this game anymore. Development was started on this in 1997 fs.
Posts: 1655
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13 June 2006 23:44
Wish they would just let this game go.. duke was great but thing have moved on
Posts: 96
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13 June 2006 23:51
I forget... Who was Duke and why is he forever?
Posts: 1
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14 June 2006 15:29
Duke Nukem first appeared in 1991. Back then his world was only 2-dimensional and flat. 10 years ago, in 1996, Duke Nukem discovered the hypothetical "Z-axis" and made the jump to 3D in Duke Nukem 3D. He was here to "Kick ass and chew bubble gum," unfortunately he was all out of gum.
Posts: 2103
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14 June 2006 16:25
If he took sometime out from his arse kicking he could have gon to Tescos and got some gum, they have a good deal on it, and the reward points would add extra savings.

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