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Tuesday, May 30 2006

Assassin's Creed for Xbox 360 too?  by James B at 10:55

Here's an interesting piece of news that we missed amid the E3 hype: NOOOZ apparently have inside information that Assassins Creed will not be Playstation 3 exclusive, but will in fact become available on the Xbox 360.

Interesting news if true, as this game was hyped as PS3 exclusive, and indeed was one of the best games on show at E3 by all reports.
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30 May 2006 11:00
This game sounds and looks pretty cool, if this is true it's another reason to pick up the 360 in a few months time.
Posts: 156
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30 May 2006 16:00
Quite strange i was just wondering if this was coming out on the 360 the other day

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