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Monday, May 29 2006

Star Trek: Legacy Preview  by James W at 12:42

Planet Xbox 360 have previewed Star Trek: Legacy, could be worth a look for Star Trek or strategy fans. Star Trek: Legacy is due later this year on the PC and Xbox 360.

I had the chance to watch a few battles in action at E3, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. The damage modeling on the ships looks great, and each bit of damage inflicted is evident on the ship's hull. Damaged ships will break apart and spew sparks, scattering debris as they're hit. Weapon effects are stunning, and the environments, filled with nebulas, wormholes and stars, look gorgeous! We were thrown right into the middle of a battle between Federation and Romulan forces. As the battle raged on and the Federation forces were gaining the upper hand, we were surprised by the sudden appearance of a Borg Cube! Realizing everyone's life was now at risk, the Federation and Romulan forces joined together to battle the Borg.
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29 May 2006 16:55
wouldnt mind seeing some of the PC stuff. Last ST RTS they made was dire though.
Posts: 6957
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29 May 2006 17:47
ST Armada II?

That was a cool game.
Posts: 2846
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29 May 2006 21:43
Hmm i cant remember, ive got it at home

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