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Friday, May 26 2006

Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic Multiplayer Screens  by Craig D at 11:54

Here's a few Dark Messiah Of Might & Magic multiplayer sceenshots along with some character artwork. Details of the mp clasess are listed below and there's also a transcript of an internal multiplayers Q&A in the forum for that extra bit of information.

Multiplayer classes;
  • Assassin: weak, melee, stealth, he will hide in the shadows to strike swiftly. Skills are oriented at stealth (invisibility, silent movement), poison and resistance, setting traps.
  • Warrior: strong and melee oriented. Will rush at the enemy, protected by his resistance to damage and shield. Skills: strike harder, run faster, endure better.
  • Priest: weak, ranged, defensive. Will support his team, launch spells dealing damage over time, spot invisible threats. Skills: pinpoint assassins, healing spells…
  • Mage: weak, ranged, offensive. Will deal damages to group of enemies thanks to area effect spells. Skills: improve spells and learn new ones, increase resistance.
  • Archer: weak, ranged, sniper. Will deal heavy damages to a single target. Skills: fast reload, zoom, multiple shots.
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