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Wednesday, May 10 2006

Crysis gameplay details  by James B at 19:31

GameSpot have been shown some gameplay hands-on by executive producer Rob Letts, of this increasingly essential-sounding shooter.

We also got to see a jungle level, where you must battle North Koreans to get close to the asteroid. The jungle graphics are jaw-dropping, and features such as destructible and interactive foliage bring the game to life to an incredible degree. Bullets affect individual leaves, or the jet wash from the transport aircraft sends waves through the jungle foliage. You can cut down trees with bullets, and Letts said that the designers were directly inspired by that famous scene in the movie Predator, where one of the commandos grabs a chain gun and mows down an acre of jungle.

Start saving your pennies if you want to play this, sounds like it will need a beast of a machine to run it!

Don't forget to check the E3 gameplay footage at GameTrailers, and our very own image gallery which has eight new E3 screenshots.
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Posts: 1740
Post rank 4 out of 5
10 May 2006 19:32
"destructible and interactive foliage"

This game sounds incredible (and looks it too!)
Posts: 2826
Post rank 5 out of 5
10 May 2006 19:41
yeah, this will be a must play game for defenite. It looks so stunning.

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