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Tuesday, May 09 2006

Sonic back to his roots on Wii?  by James B at 18:56

Wii In amidst all the PS3 news, 1up.com have some info about a new Sonic title scheduled for release on Wii in 2007: Sonic Wild Fire. Most interesting is the fact that this could be one of the few games in the famous series, since the golden era of the Megadrive days, that just feature Sonic without cheap side-kicks.

Will the gaming style be as retro? Time will tell.

1up.com has a little bit of info taken from the E3 trailer:

Reinventing the idea of "Sonic speed in the palm of your hands", players will be able to hold the controller horizontally with two hands and tilt left or right to steer Sonic through fast-paced obstacle courses. For those of us not in favor of passive dodging -- and who is, honestly -- utilizing Sonic's dash attacks will be as easy as flicking the controller forward to take down enemies and crash through barriers.
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09 May 2006 19:12
I'd love to play a retro style Sonic on a next-gen console.
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09 May 2006 20:00
yeah, that'd be ownage
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09 May 2006 21:49
Sonic Wii fire

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