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Tuesday, May 09 2006

WarHawk PS3 Screenshots  by Craig D at 11:38

Now a bakers dozen WarHawk screenshots, this next-gen combat title from Incog Inc uses the new controller's 6 axis motion sensing capabilities.

• Pilot the most advanced Fighter in the Fleet – Fly or hover to engage in intense dogfights with hundreds of fighters, massive flying battleships and enemy ground forces.
• Fight on Foot, in Ground Vehicles, or in the Sky – Next-gen multimodal design throws players into a deep gameplay experience. Fight in the war as a foot soldier, vehicle driver or ace pilot—whenever you want.
• An Epic Level of Ambient Warfare – Players must defend their land and accomplish missions within a massive, fully interactive battlefield of Eucadian and Chernovan forces.
• Discover a Vast and Unique World – Hundreds of square miles of high-resolution terrain filled with a brave new world where old and new technologies merge.
• An Epic Storyline of Heroism – Charismatic characters and powerful armies clash in a gripping saga of discovery and survival.
• Experience an Expansive Online Community – Players can join in epic multi-modal 32-person online battles, constantly evolving with downloadable content and a variety of online game modes.
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