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Monday, April 17 2006

CellFactor Interview  by James W at 18:52

CGOnline have caught up with Artificial Studios Lead Developer, Jeremy Stieglitz, to talk about CellFactor, best known as the game AGEIA have used to promote their physics card.

What are some of the unique powers that players can wield? How will players control the various capabilities such as powers, weapons and movement?

You have psychic abilities in the game which can be used to manipulate all physical objects of reasonable mass; to throw at other players, create makeshift barricades, etc. When using Psy-pull, the mouse-wheel controls the distance at which you hold the object, and you can rapidly accelerate it to throw it by using Psy-push. Also, your character can charge up his energy to release a massive blast that can push back large numbers of objects, enemy players, vehicles, or propel himself into the air by pushing off a nearby surface. Various other subtle uses of Psy energy, such as Psy-pushing to slow your fall, are in the game. Furthermore, you can temporarily augment your psychic abilities with a power up that allows you to become even more powerful, where you can fly, pickup extremely heavy objects or enemy players, block bullets and deflect missiles, and push or pull huge numbers of objects at once.
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17 April 2006 18:55
I seen the demo for this and looks pretty good. Think Quake with jetpacks and loads of things to throw around with the physics!

Looks cool!
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17 April 2006 18:57
Yep could be fun

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