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Monday, March 27 2006

UberSoldier Review  by Craig D at 17:01

Our UberSoldier review is now online, it's a fair shooter that the developers have sort of shot themselves in the foot with. The first few levels are pretty bad to be honest, fortunatley for you lot, I played on a lot further and it does get much, much better.

From a gameplay point of view UberSoldier starts badly, the first level runs like crap, while that may simply be my system configuration I suspect it isn't as later levels run great. The second suffers from some poor map design and seems rushed. If you were to play just these two levels you would be left with a severely damaged opinion, fortunately as the game progresses it get's a whole lot better.
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29 March 2006 20:30
Hey guess what?! Ubersoldier includes Starforce. Isn't that just lovely... *vomit*

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