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Sunday, February 26 2006

UberSoldier Preview  by Jamie D at 18:43

LoadedInc has posted up UberSoldier, the upcoming FPS title from CDV. Here's a snippet:

The AI seems content to stand upright and not seek any cover. Hopefully this is rectified in the final release as it makes the game a little too easy to rush through. The partisan fighters that join you towards the second half of the level do an adequate job at holding their own but we have to wonder whether it's due to the superiority of their AI or the incompetence of the enemy's.

It appears they liked what they played of Ubersoldier anyway, maybes it's something for FPS fans to add to their list? You can check our our preview from last month for a comparison.
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26 February 2006 22:59
I will hopefully have a few copies of this to give away, fingers crossed. Looking forward to playing it too, the press demo I played was fun if a little rough around the edges.

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