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Monday, February 20 2006

Win Five-Grand Playing BF2 at i27  by Craig D at 16:41

Mulitplay today confirmed that there will be a £5,000 Battlefield 2 tournament at their upcoming i27 LAN event. i-series events are already considered to be the lan gaming events to attend in the U.K. The addition of large prizes only sweetens the pot. i27 takes place over the weekend of 14th / 17th April 2006.

Craig Fletcher, Managing Director of Multiplay, said "There are plenty of reasons to come to i27 other than big prizes, but when a company like EA steps in and offers this kind of prize money for their title tournament, there will no doubt be some major clans from both the UK and Europe attracted by this level of competition. It will raise the standard of gaming at i27, not just for the competitors but for spectators as well. Overall i27 is shaping up to be a historical LAN for both Multiplay and the UK gaming scene as a whole."
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Posts: 2696
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20 February 2006 16:49
i dunno about the lan gaming events, they always had bad servers bad admins and badly managed events, imo the few i events i have been too, were more about meeting your m8s than actually playing the game. Still nice to see some cash prizes for bf2 lans.
Posts: 29
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20 February 2006 19:32
How about shite hot servers a l33t supply of admins techs server admins etc as well as loads of beer.
I goto alot of the i- events and must say they get better each event,and well worth the money to go.
Ill be at this one along with the old =W= Warriorz gang.. so anyone going pop along and say hi )
Posts: 2696
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20 February 2006 19:59
last i event i went to was i8, but the admins were a bunch of noobies and the cs severs gave u 90 pings on lan and was just badly run. Lets hope they have changed although my m8s who go every time say they aint

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