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Tuesday, January 31 2006

Battlefield 2: Euro Force Delayed  by Craig D at 21:43

The latest BF2 community update is online and it has both good and bad news. The good being that the team mates with red tag bug is being addressed but the bad being that both the 1.2 patch and the Euro Force booster pack that relies on it have been delayed, other slighly bad news includes the fact that the ability to pickup mines has now been removed from the 1.2 patch pending further development. We can now expect that one later.

As for release dates? Patch 1.2 can now be expected in the next two to three weeks and the Euro Force booster pack will be released in the second half of February as opposed to the first.

Bit of a pisser no doubt, but I'm sure we'll live. I'd rather have a finished and fully working patch.
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Posts: 2103
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31 January 2006 23:19
The mine thing will be good, espec if spec-ops can get c4, i dout that snipers will be able to get claymores but i would be good if they could disarm them at the top of ladders, would make sniping that little bit harder.
Posts: 2826
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31 January 2006 23:56
it should have been included from the start, it was always in battlefield 1942, so there's no reason it was left out of bf2.
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01 February 2006 06:21
It is a shame on the claymore front -I have to agree with Mani on the finished product front. We hopefully get to a point soon where there will be fewer game play changes . I recon they are holding back on game modes to take the wind out of QW:ET's sail when it is launched .

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