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Saturday, January 21 2006

BF2 Q&A  by James W at 15:27

TotalBF2 continue their series of interviews with Armando Marini from DICE and have got more of the communities questions answered. There are numerous questions about the Booster Pack and various bugs.

Will we ever see shoulder mounted stinger missiles?

An anti-air class has been mentioned. We'll see how the fixes to the AA pan out and go from there.

Will the new Booster Pack include any new unlocks?

The Euroforce booster pack will not grant anyone additional unlocks, as we did with Special Forces, due to memory constraints. However, since we made a full complement of weapons for Euroforce, and since the Snipers and Anti-tank class were unfortunately neglected on the Special Forces unlocks, the L96 and P90 will be added to the SF unlocks. I know some people will cry foul, but it isn't fair that the players that purchased SF and enjoy those two classes missed out on unlocks, while the other classes got extra stuff.
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Posts: 6957
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21 January 2006 15:46
Since you can buy SF for 14-15 quid now, it shouldn't really matter
Posts: 2103
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21 January 2006 15:57
:/ looks like there looking at ranks and points again, i'm all for new ranks , but if it drops the ranks/award level again, i'll be p!ssed.

although the vet veical awards could be changed, 100h is mad
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22 January 2006 02:05
if they put shoulder mounted stingers, they better not be like the lame ones fron BF:Vietnam, they should belike the ones from DC that take skill to use. It'll just be even more annoying with 30 stray missiles and all the AA missiles flying around the map picking random targets.

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