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Friday, December 23 2005

BF2 Mini Expansions Coming  by Craig D at 09:31

Battlefield 2 Logo There's a press release on the DiCE site that briefly talks about the success of Special Forces digital downloads but then, much more interestingly, goes on to talk about two new mini expansions coming in the Spring.

Nice idea. I think most people will pay 6 or 7 pounds for a few news maps, vehicles and weapons every couple of months.

The Battlefield 2 expansion pack planned to be launched during spring 2006 is now replaced by two booster packs. The change means slightly lower project revenues during the fourth quarter 2005 than during the third, due to a lower development budget. The anticipation though is that this will be compensated by higher royalty revenues during the first six month 2006.

The expansion packs in the Battlefield series have new maps, vehicles and weapons. Each Battlefield booster pack will have new but fewer maps, vehicles and weapons. Instead they are sold to a lower price: 9.99 USD. An expansion pack is usually sold at between 19.90 USD and 29.90 USD. Today at least two Battlefield 2 booster packs are planned for spring 2006.
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Posts: 2103
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23 December 2005 11:14
I got a e-mail today about this but it said it was MC add-on, if its for the PC then its a good thing.
Posts: 2846
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23 December 2005 16:51
Who wants to bet 9.99 USD = 9.99 GBP
Posts: 921
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23 December 2005 17:28
Well I have to say that I do like the idea of additional content but there are some major issues with the current platform & having just paid for the SF expansion I am a little reluctant to go splash out for more add on's when the performance of the latest expansion is sh1t . I dont mind paying for new content but I wont do it until the old bugs are ironed out besides the comunity should be developing new maps to keep us interested
Posts: 6957
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23 December 2005 19:14
In order to continue to support the game properly they are going to have to keep revenue coming in, that's the way of things. ASs long as they do fix the bugs, I'll buy the packs.
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25 December 2005 15:49
Having community maps in bf2 would be useless, it's not CS.. servers can't download the maps to clients when they connect. Map sizes are up to 80mb in some cases so many servers won't put custom maps on just because the server will empty when the map rotation changes. The only benefit of custom maps would be the off-chance that they get included in patches for everyone imo.

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