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Wednesday, December 14 2005

Splinter Cell Double Agent Announced  by Craig D at 17:22

The worst kept secret of the last few months is now official, the next Splinter Cell game will be called Splinter Cell Double Agent.

LONDON, UK - 14th December, 2005 - Today Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, announced Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® 4 (working title), the fourth blockbuster in the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell franchise, will officially be called Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent(tm). The game will be available Spring 2006 for the Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo GameCube(tm) system and Windows® PC.

Following the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell franchise tradition of innovation, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent will completely revolutionise and reinvent the spy action genre by introducing an unprecedented double agent concept and an entirely new breed of game play that adds an exciting new dimension to the gaming experience.

"Ubisoft is excited to have re-imagined the Splinter Cell franchise by introducing Sam Fisher as a double agent, expanding the depth of his character," says John Parkes, EMEA marketing director at Ubisoft. "Throughout the course of the story, gamers will be forced to make critical decisions which will not only affect how the story plays out but also have very different consequences."

Here some current gen console Splinter Cell Double Agent screenshots.
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Posts: 2696
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14 December 2005 18:38
well sam fisher blatently aint the bad guy and the twist at the end will be that he was sent to prison to infiltrate the gang, but still the splinter cell games were allways very good and i really liked chaos theory. So i am looking forward to this game.
Posts: 2696
Post rank 5 out of 5
14 December 2005 18:52
then again the name double angent kinda gives that away so ignore me
Posts: 1971
Post rank 4 out of 5
14 December 2005 19:28
I read it as double anal at first
Posts: 2696
Post rank 5 out of 5
14 December 2005 20:59
rofl !

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