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Saturday, November 12 2005

BF2: Special Forces UK Release Date  by Craig D at 12:24

Battlefield 2 Logo It seems that the eagerly awaited expansion Battlefield 2: Special Forces now has a UK release date, and usual it's 3 days later than the US on Friday the 25th of November.

You can of course buy it online on the 22nd and download if you see fit. While it may be a bit cheaper than buying at recommended retail prices, you'll get it cheaper buy shopping around the larger online stores, of course you won't get a disk or a manual either.
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Posts: 2093
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12 November 2005 12:37
omg i cant get it till the 11th of december (im away for two weeks starting the 24th )
Posts: 346
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13 November 2005 14:08
ot comes out in the US on the 22nd nov u can download it
Posts: 2093
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13 November 2005 14:27
yeah but i cant get it then either

i get £450 next month (£340 is going aside for car insurance (£80 a month)
the rest is prolly gonna be petrol and pressies

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