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Wednesday, October 12 2005

Blitzkrieg 2 Patch  by Craig D at 08:51

It's not out in the UK for a couple of days but CDV have released version 1.21 patch for their World War 2 RTS, Blitkrieg 2. You can download it direct from the Blitkrieg 2 site.

  • Abilities for the elite infantry were disabled (except right after getting a level). Changed initial state of the ability buttons to "enabled"
  • add a tooltip to a random country choice in MP Game Room
  • units in encyclopaedia always in best graphics quality
  • Added simple validation for emails : "something@somethingelse"
  • Pathfindingproblems with vehicles driving up a plateau.
  • No prompt by shortcut Alt + F4
  • changed the way the hitbars are displayed for the keybuildings in MP
  • pathfinding
  • using localized name for hotkey's tooltip.
  • Fixed crash when cann't connect to nival.net
  • Added missing tooltips
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