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Sunday, August 14 2005

Chat with BF2 producer  by James W at 11:11

Xfire have hosted a Battlefield 2 chat with EA producer Ben Smith. They have the log up on their website now at the link below.

[Xfire]Xfyre: Ben: Will EA ever offer an "unofficial" and "official" Ranking system, so the public will be able to host ranked "unofficial" servers that keep the points separate from the official system?

[EA] DieFledermaus: Actually, we are looking at a number of things we can do in this arena

[EA] DieFledermaus: The main Ranked service will probably remain as it is, locked to a small # of partners who will run these servers alongside EA as we are doing now

[EA] DieFledermaus: at the same time, the python logging is moddable so that you could route the stats to a different web site or collect them specifically for a mod, or something similar

[EA] DieFledermaus: we're still looking at how to enable this for the community and don't have an estimate on release, however

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