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Thursday, July 14 2005

Battlefield 2: Special Forces first look  by Craig D at 11:39

Battlefield 2 Logo IGN have some first details of the first Battlefield 2 expansion pack, Battlefield 2: Special Forces. The article is in the form of a Q&A with several guys from DiCE Canada.

It's interesting stuff and well worth a look, especially as there are 10 screenshots included in the article. The nightvision does look cool.

IGNPC: OK, how many new vehicles and such will be included then?

Yee: So the new bread and butter features for the expansion pack are six new armies, ten new vehicles, and twelve new base weapons.

It really does look quite different, I'm not sure about it at all.
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Posts: 1185
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14 July 2005 12:19
Don't mean to pee on anyones parade but.... http://media.pc.ign.com/media/759/759744/img_2908991.html
How are they gonna see anything with their night vision goggles on and all that barrell flash. they need silencers!!
Posts: 6957
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14 July 2005 12:22
This is from the same guys who brought us BF Vietnam, enough said.

Don't be expecting anything good and you might be pleasantly suprised.
Posts: 481
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14 July 2005 12:33
fuk me, they r bringing out the expansion quick aren't they!?!??! shouldn't they fix bf2 first
Posts: 2846
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16 July 2005 19:11
did you delete my post?

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