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Saturday, June 19 2004

Morning Screenshots and WoW  by James W at 09:39

There are some hot new screenshots out for Need for Speed Underground 2 and Battlefield 2 that cant be missed. The German site Daddeln also have a NFS Underground2 video up which will hopefully get mirrored else where as without subscribing downloading is slow progress. It's not a bad video, but we know just going by its predecessor it's going to look good. Click here for the daddeln post about the video, translated by babelfish.

MMORPG fans rejoice! I'm very glad to pass on that Blizzard have announced the European beta testing will start soon.
Blizzard.co.uk - Sign-ups for the European World of Warcraft Beta Beginning Soon!
Following the announcement of the European World of Warcraft team, we are pleased to report that the sign-up period for the European Beta Test will soon begin.

A link to the European beta test application will be provided on this page. Please keep in mind that testers will not be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis; applicants will be able to submit an application and receive equal consideration anytime during the sign-up period.
Head over to blizzard.co.uk for the latest, and here to check out the Beta test FAQ.
Posts: 1655
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19 June 2004 10:03
Lets try and get plenty of the community applying for the beta test when its available. That way hopefully at least someone will be able to feed us with info
Posts: 6957
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19 June 2004 10:20
/me kicks Ferrers in the nuts
Posts: 1740
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19 June 2004 18:06
im up for a bit of beta testin
Posts: 4
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20 June 2004 11:58
me too, hopefully my swg beta and PS beta will help me get in.
Posts: 2846
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20 June 2004 15:36
Well i never get accepted for any beta tests, but i will have a go none the less! Im on my gap year in 5 days time (>>> so i wont be short of time
Posts: 9
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21 June 2004 08:02
/waves at Mani whilst clutching his privates, Had a long sabatical came back 2 days ago

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