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Wednesday, May 11 2005

Pariah Sequel?  by Shane L at 11:53

Its only been on the shop shelves for less than a week and already rumours are popping up on numerous websites that Digital Extreme are making a sequel or add-on.

Following reports that Digital Extremes is already hard at work on a sequel to PC and Xbox first-person shooter Pariah, a representative has hinted it might be a little too soon for all that. Speaking to Eurogamer, the representative said: "We have definitely started plans for something Pariah - but not necessarily Pariah 2 per se."

Good to see developers taking an active involvement in a game even after its release.

Thanks Eurogamer
Tags: Pariah
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11 May 2005 12:00
So what's it lke anyway Shane?
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11 May 2005 12:05
only had a quick blast so far, but the review will reveal all
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11 May 2005 13:03
hurry! hurry!

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