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Saturday, May 07 2005

Counter-Strike Source News  by Shane L at 11:01

The new maps that were mentioned last month are scheduled to be released next week, the first map, de_port is a totally new one while de_inferno is an old favorite, you can see a screenshot at the link below. You may also notice an updated version of the CT model. Perhaps he'll no longer be a midget?

We'll also be showing off some products at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Half-Life 2 Xbox will be shown in the Xbox area of Microsoft's booth. Meanwhile Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, which is the new, single-player level created to introduce High-Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting to the Source engine, is slated to appear in the Games for Windows area at the show.

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07 May 2005 11:51
I'm guessing next week will be agood time for my monthly bash at css.
Posts: 1185
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07 May 2005 12:53
Inferno loks hot, also be nice to have a new de_map. Here's hoping it plays well competitivly.

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