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Tuesday, May 29 2012

Metro: Last Light Screenshots  by Craig D at 18:57

Here's a few Metro: Last Light screenshots due to eb shown at the upcoming E3 trade show, the come with the following text;

Forced into an uneasy alliance with the young Red Line office Pavel, Artyom must journey across the hostile Moscow surface in a bid to reach the station-city known as 'The Theatre'.

Metro: Last Light is due early next year.
Metro: Last Light, 7231metro_ll_e3_2012_online_1.jpg Metro: Last Light, 7232metro_ll_e3_2012_online_2.jpg Metro: Last Light, 7233metro_ll_e3_2012_online_3.jpg Metro: Last Light, 7234metro_ll_e3_2012_online_4.jpg Metro: Last Light, 7235metro_ll_e3_2012_online_5.jpg
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