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Wednesday, May 16 2012

Inversion Screenshots  by Craig D at 14:18

Here's another set of Inversion screenshots. Saber Interactive' gravity bending shooter is coming to consoles in early June.
Inversion, 39886inversion_previews__1_.jpg Inversion, 39887inversion_previews__2_.jpg Inversion, 39888inversion_previews__3_.jpg Inversion, 39889inversion_previews__4_.jpg Inversion, 39890inversion_previews__5_.jpg
Inversion, 39891inversion_previews__6_.jpg Inversion, 39892inversion_previews__7_.jpg Inversion, 39893inversion_previews__8_.jpg Inversion, 39894inversion_previews__9_.jpg  
Tags: Inversion
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