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Imperium Romanum

Imperium Romanum Imperium Romanum Imperium Romanum
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Release Date: February 2008

Developer: Haemimont Games

Publisher: Kalypso Media

Platform: PC

Official Site: http://www.imperium-game.com/

Publishers Description:

Set in the time-honoured Roman Empire players will marvel at the incredible attention to detail, as they construct fortifications, build towers, gates and bridges, and pay for them with the new currency which has been implemented into the game for a challenging, enjoyable, and authentic quest to rule the World.

"Imperium Romanum" boasts a variety of new features to enhance the game-play and complete the historical strategy gaming experience. These include a sophisticated graphics engine, a mass of authentic historical buildings such as the world famous Circus Maximus and Gladiator schools, an improved battle system where the player commands their armies and an interactive mission mode which allows the player to control the activation of goals.


• History mode with timeline, where missions are based on real events and locations

• Interactive mission mode: the players activate the goals when they choose

• Improved battle system where players commands their own armies

• Player-constructable bridges, fortifications, walls, towers and gates

• Introduction of currency, crime, historically accurate buildings, natural disasters, and siege machines

• New interface design, and improved economy and overview dialogues

Imperium Romanum Imperium Romanum Imperium Romanum
Article By Published Date Platform
Imperium Romanum Review Craig Dudley 25-Feb-08 PC
Imperium Romanum Preview Craig Dudley 12-Feb-08 PC

Imperium Romanum Imperium Romanum Imperium Romanum
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Imperium Romanum 42 images. PC

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