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Totems Totems Totems
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Release Date: 2008

Developer: 10tacle Studios Belgium

Publisher: 10tacle Studios

Platform: PC and Xbox 360

Official Site: http://www.herawakening.org

Publishers Description:

Inspired by the urban sport „Le Parkour", TOTEMS is a super-heroic platform game with tactical elements that let the player magically transform the world and story to their own style and skill. This third-person 3D action adventure offers non-linear gameplay in a highly interactive environment and is designed to be accessible to the widest audience while offering depth for the core gamers. The player character as well as the enemy is able to use the environment to full extent thanks to the innovative Semantic Environment Sensing System (SESS). Super-heroic movement and combat come alive in a never seen before manner. The Belgian developer’s proprietary NeoReality EngineTM sets new standards for next-gen platforms and provides an unparalleled atmosphere and experience. Based on an elaborate and original mythology, TOTEMS offers an exciting new world to explore.

Totems Totems Totems
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Totems 3 images. PC XBox 360

Totems Totems Totems
Date Title
22-Aug-07 Totems Announced & Screenshots PC XBox 360

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