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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol

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Release Date: Summer 2007

Developer: Iocaine Studios

Publisher: Valve and Atari

Platform: PC

Publishers Description:

Developed by four friends with no outside funding, the team at Iocaine spent three years working on Hyperbol in their spare time while working full-time jobs to pay their bills. "We have been working in my dad’s dining room for as long as we can remember. It’s nice since it has easy access to the kitchen and some sofas for naps. I guess you could call us dining room developers!" said Jason Fader, president and master chef of Iocaine. "Being able to work with close friends on a project we’re all passionate about is awesome. Actually finishing that project is difficult, but we pulled it off and have big plans for our next one."

Article By Published Date Platform
ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Review Duncan Lawson 27-Aug-07 PC

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