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They They They
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Release Date: 2008/2009

Developer: Metropolis Software

Publisher: IMC

Platform: PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

Publishers Description:

„THEY" features a technically future minded 3D engine with next generation effects, brand new gameplay elements and a revolutionary weapon system to survive the challenges ahead! But always remember: Nothing is as it seems!

Genre: First person mystery shooter
Scenario: Near Future

- next generation 3D engine
- unique weapon system that makes you „love" your weapons
- mysterious science fiction background story
- diversified enemies - thrilling and intelligent
- heroes to identify with
- heavy usage of physics
- destructible environment relevant for gameplay
- haunting single player mode
- versatile multiplayer modes

They They They
Gallery Title Number of Images
They 30 images. PC XBox 360 Playstation

They They They
Date Title
21-Apr-08 They Screenshots and QA PC XBox 360 Playstation
03-Sep-07 THEY Screenshots and Trailer PC XBox 360 Playstation
30-Jul-07 THEY Announced PC XBox 360 Playstation

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