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Dimensity Dimensity Dimensity
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Release Date: Q2 2008

Developer: Dagger Games Studio

Publisher: Playlogic

Platform: PC

Official Site: http://dimensity.dagger-games.com/

Publishers Description:

Dimensity is a role playing strategy game by Dagger Games Studio focused on the warfare between different races in a fantasy world. The game play involves real time battles, simplified management, unit upgrades and leader development. As a result players are immediately immersed into a challenging world of war and mystery.

The unique game play features of Dimensity allow the players to choose from various combinations of skills and tactics and to have native game play suited to their individual style. Players interested in straight combat and item finding can immediately choose the challenge mode where to play without following some story plot. Besides there are two separate single player story driven campaigns which the fans of the classic role play and strategy games can follow. Those more interested in multi player engagements can find their place in Dimensity by developing a leader who can be transferred between multiplayer sessions and depending on the player’s skills to level the leader up and equip him with the most powerful weapons and armor. By combining a dangerous world, a brand new story and four unique races to choose from, players are guaranteed an enjoyable experience in every game play mode in Dimensity.

Dimensity Dimensity Dimensity
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Dimensity Dimensity Dimensity
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