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Red Stone

Red Stone Red Stone Red Stone
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Release Date: Summer 2007

Publisher: K2 Network

Official Site: http://www.playredstone.com/

Publishers Description:

Red Stone is a Free2Play episodic MMORPG that offers players a unique fantasy experience with a deep storyline. Red Stone takes players deep into dangerous lands with 8 different character classes and compelling strategic missions, and players will quest to recover the lost shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to the destroyed world.

Gamers will enjoy Red Stone’s unique Transform System where all characters have the ability to change jobs and weapons as well as transform into other characters, enabling unique, strategic gameplay. Also setting it apart from other MMORPG’s, Red Stone characters do not use Mana (MP) when spells and skills are used; instead, they use a rechargeable Charge Point (CP) system, challenging players to use their skills strategically.

Red Stone is a unique 2-D fantasy MMORPG in which players adventure to recover the lost shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to their ravaged world. This title features a compelling story and beautiful music and character classes that can transform into alternate classes to utilize various skills and weapons.

Red Stone Red Stone Red Stone
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Red Stone Red Stone Red Stone
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